Oct 032015

by Clay Herrmann

This video is the first installment of our report of what transpired at the October 1, 2015 “Joint Performance Review Committee” of the Arkansas Legislature. The Joint Committee is comprised of thirty State Senators and Representatives. Representative Kim Hammer is Chairman on the House side.

This segment shows the entirety of the Senate Committee Chairman – Senator Alan Clark‘s opening remarks at the meeting. His introduction provides a disturbing explanation with substantial supporting detail of how this extraordinary legislative inquiry came into existence.

Following edited installments will feature other video highlights of this meeting including sworn testimony by a number of citizens traumatized by DHS interventions, and by others giving related testimony. A number of high level DHS officials concerned about possible consequences of this meeting were in attendance, along with numerous concerned citizens and members of the press.

(Note: This “Opening Remarks” segment is just 16 minutes 15 seconds, but our full video record of this meeting is over five hours in length.)



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