May 042016

Tim Jacob  – 2016 Term Limits Petition

“The way they gain real power is by attaching themselves to long-term incumbents …”
(Tim Jacob speaking of lobbyists and bureaucratic organizations)

Tim Jacob addressed the Hot Springs Village TEA Party on May 3, 2016 regarding the current term limit petition applicable to Arkansas legislators. If successful the measure will appear on the November General Election ballot for approval or disapproval by Arkansas voters.

“This effort began as soon as the AR Legislature passed ISSUE #3 … We feel it is only right to have the voters of the state decide on term limits with an HONEST BALLOT TITLE … the legislature as a whole should be ashamed of the 2014 effort to fool voters …” says Tim Jacob.

Jacob grew up in North Little Rock and graduated from Hendrix College with a degree in political science. He currently lives in Little Rock where he manages a small business: Modern Image Systems.

He served as the Statewide Petition Director for the TERM LIMIT AMENDMENT in 1992, became chairman of AR TERM LIMITS in 1993 in order to defend the amendment against lobbyists and legislators, and in 2004 led an effort to stop the Legislature from doubling their terms in 2004.

The following year, 2005, he began a career as a freelance artist.

Fast forward nine years … Jacob helped speak against ISSUE #3 (fraudulently titled as an “ethics” amendment on the 2014 General Election ballot). He currently serves as a spokesperson for RESTORE TERM LIMITS during the present 2016 campaign.

 Constable John McCaleb & Loco Bonita Ranch

Constable John McCaleb addressed the Hot Springs Village TEA Party on May 3, 2016 informing the audience about various aspects of the the office of constable, a law enforcement office prescribed in the Arkansas Constitution. Following his constable presentation which included a Q&A opportunity, he shared details about the operation of Loco Bonita Ranch and related inspiring anecdotes about the unusual ministry of the ranch.

John McCaleb is originally from Houston Texas where he served with the Houston Police Department. In 1989 he moved to Hot Springs and married his wife Sonja. He has two married daughters with 4 grandchildren. Sonja and John attend 1st Assembly HSV where they teach and serve on the worship team. John also heads up the safety team.

John is going on his third term as Constable of Whittington Township.  He currently works in the Information Technology industry as owner of I.T. Arkansas. Sonja and John own Loco Bonita Ranch. This is an equine therapy ranch dedicated to connect people with the comfort and love of horses. The Ranch is always free of charge to all.

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