Apr 242015

by Clay Herrmann

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 
-from William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliette”-

Now There Is

An expansive gag order entitled “Protective Order” (see Judge Naramore’s gag order attached) that denies accused persons their civil rights in public, in private, and in a court of law is just as odoriferous an instrument as one titled “GAG ORDER”. The title doesn’t change what it is.

After unsubstantiated rumors and reports by various news media for approximately three months that Judge Naramore had issued a gag order in the Stanley Family case, Hot Springs Daily was able to interview Judge Naramore on April 15, 2015 behind the Juvenile Courthouse with audiovisual of the gag order question being asked and answered. The question was asked and repeated in the interest of absolute clarity. Judge Naramore confirmed that “there is no gag order”.

Note that the attached order is dated as signed by the Judge on April 10, 2015, and filed of record on April 14 with the Circuit Clerk.  and (with “March” lined through and “April” written in by hand … perhaps Cecilia Dyer prepared the document in March?) So it seems that despite Judge Naramore’s affirmation to the contrary, there was a gag order (entitled “Protective Order”) issued by him and of record when he went on the record with Hot Springs Daily saying there was not.  When government officials say things that aren’t true, they often later say they “misspoke”. Perhaps Judge Naramore misspoke. Regardless of the explanation, here is the gag order:

Protective Order-1 redacted

Protective Order-2

Protective Order-3

The following informational sources provide enlightenment on the subject of gag orders:

(Judges often call gag orders “protective orders, …” — see par. 2 of above linked article)



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