Aug 252015

by Clay Herrmann

The Iowa Grassroots Director of Americans For Prosperity, Amanda Sebastian, tells an amazing story of her father’s sacrificial courage and inspiring dedication.

(And for you attendees that got on the bus to leave a little early Saturday afternoon, this is what you missed as the conclusion of AFP’s 2015 Defending The American Dream program.)

Approximately 125 Arkansans (including a sizable contingent from Garland County) traveled by chartered bus to Columbus, Ohio to participate in the two-day 2015 “Defending the American Dream Summit” hosted by the conservative activist group Americans for Prosperity.

Arkansas travelers boarded buses in North Little Rock early Thursday morning riding all day and most of the night arriving at their hotels well after midnight.

Total attendance of grassroots activists was reported to be over 3600, with attendees traveling from as far away as Hawaii and Alaska.

The Friday and Saturday Program included speeches by several Presidential Candidates. Numerous break-out sessions options on a broad range of topics were available for attendees to choose from. Session titles included :

  • “Get Inked” – Why Print Still Matters to The Free-Market Movement
  • “LOL TTYL” – How To Talk To Millennials About Freedom
  • “1-800 Call Your Legislator” – Grassroots Activism That Works: How to be Influential
  • AFP MVP’s – Learn the Tricks of the Trade with These AFP Experts
  • … and numerous other topics.

AFP ( states their mission as follows:

“Americans for Prosperity has a vision for an America where truly free markets allow for free and prosperous people. We use cutting-edge tools and technology to support a network of more than 2.3 million engaged citizens who are working to bring that vision to life. Together, we’re persuading public officials to embrace an agenda of economic freedom, educating our friends and neighbors on the issues shaping our economy, and getting everyone involved in building a culture of freedom at the local, state and federal levels. Whether it’s on the telephone, at a neighbor’s front door, or on the steps of the state capitol, Americans for Prosperity staff and activists are spreading the word about economic freedom every single day.

Our mission is to mobilize citizens to advocate for policies that cut red tape and increase opportunity, put the brakes on government overspending, and get the economy working for hard workers– not special interests.”

There was some organized protest of the event as well as other demonstrators and/or displays outside the Columbus Convention Center.


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