Aug 072015

by Clay Herrmann


Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge addressed an enthusiastic audience at the Garland County Republican Party Headquarters on August 7, 2015. Topics touched on include:

1) Details of the new AG Program addressing the large problem of metal thievery in Arkansas.

2) How the Arkansas AG’s office is responding to an over-reaching Federal Government in general, and an out-of-control EPA in particular. Cooperating with litigation by Attorney Generals in other states and the hiring of Arkansas’ first ever “Solicitor General” is part of the Arkansas AG’s answer to these threats from the Federal Government. New EPA energy and water regulations are particularly ominous and onerous. The new energy regulations promise to vastly increase utility rates for everyone, and the water regulations threaten the property rights of virtually every individual property owner in the state.

3) Scam artists and con artists, targeting Arkansas citizens. The AG’s office has proactively reached out to address these issues with “Mobile AG Offices” across the state.

4) Medicaid fraud and abuse. More positions are now held by certified law enforcement officers.

5) Cyber-Crimes Unit investigates individuals who prey on children. Parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles are encouraged to learn internet skills to help with this effort as the problem is so prevalent that according to AG Rutledge, if every employee of her office did nothing but work only on this issue, it still wouldn’t be enough.


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