Jun 182015

by Clay Herrmann

District Judge David Switzer was the featured guest speaker for the weekly luncheon meeting of the Garland County TEA Party on 7-16-15 at the Hibachi Sushi Buffet in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

He spoke with entertaining enthusiasm and humor, as well as with empathetic pathos about the challenges of striving to deal wisely with the variety of defendants that stand before him in court on a recurring basis.

Judge Switzer expressed extreme happiness about having the new Garland County Detention Center now being available as a tool in his efforts to administer justice and protect the public. In the past when incarcerating an offender seemed the most appropriate action, frequently there was no room in the jail.

He also discussed his use, and fellow District Judge Ralph Ohm’s use of faith-based programs in sentencing. Faith-based alternatives, he explained, are only offered when the judge considers it to be a desirable option for the circumstances, and then ONLY if the defendant is agreeable to the alternative sentencing.

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