Apr 212015

Jan Morgan

by Clay Herrmann – Roving Reporter
for Hot Springs Daily

Jan Morgan, AP Award Winning Investigative Journalist and Nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate, was keynote speaker for the “Inaugural Gathering” of the recently launched Arkansas TEA Party Alliance in Hot Springs Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Morgan is also an outspoken and well-informed voice about the Islamization of America”.  The subject of frequent death threats, she tells of a phone call requesting a meeting and then an in person advisory from the FBI about ISIS in Arkansas and her status as a designated “target of opportunity”. Despite that, she continues on with her work and at the ATPA Inaugural delivers a high-energy audience-engaging message. No complaints from her listeners that she is not bold enough, or sufficiently plain-spoken. And no doubt the PC police have their work cut out for them trying to silence Jan Morgan.


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