Apr 212015

Dear Citizens of Garland County,

Found this letter from Garland County Attorney Ralph Ohm in my mail today. It is interesting that he claims that the Stanley case “is an open investigation”. I had heard it was closed. If so, was it reopened  in order to prevent disclosure of requested information? One wonders how long an “investigation” can remain open? Three-plus months with no criminal charges … are we to believe that any day now some grounds will finally be “found” to prosecute?

Regarding the first item on the FOIA request, Hot Springs Daily did not ask who the custodian of the record is. Certainly the Sheriff’s Department has possession of an unredacted copy of the instrument since it was prepared and signed by Deputy Michael Wright.

Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton have been more forthcoming.

We do have a number of question to convey back to Mr. Ohm in the very near future. In the meantime we suspect other interested persons will suggest questions for inclusion.


Clay Herrmann
for Hot Springs Daily

FOIA response - Ralph Ohm_1

FOIA response - Ralph Ohm_2

Freedom of Information Act Request


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