Jan 212016

by Clay Herrmann

The house was packed for the January 20th, 2016 Hot Springs Village Property Owners Association Board of Directors Meeting at the Ponce de Leon Center in Hot Springs Village.

HSV Realtors turned out en-masse along with other property owners concerned about an announced intent to impose a new 0.85% of sales price fee on all HSV real estate transactions, the assessment proceeds to be initially dedicated to fund a planned POA real estate sales operation.

POA General Manager David Twiggs had emailed a disclosure of his plan, including an intended assessment implementation date of April 1, 2016 to the HSV Board of Realtors a few days before the January 20 BOD meeting, asking that the information be kept confidential.

According to Twiggs, on advice of the Board’s legal counsel, the Board of Directors can vote to have the fee assessed without a vote of approval by POA membership.

With cognizance of Realtor opposition and rising public awareness, an email was sent out under signature of the POA Board President before the meeting announcing that the issue was being pulled from the January agenda. However the issue remained on the printed agenda available at the meeting, prompting an oral BOD affirmation that it was in fact pulled.

Nevertheless, in the course of meeting the “pulled” topic was discussed much more by the GM and Board members than one would expect for an item no longer on the agenda. Future public discussion and consideration at a future BOD meeting is anticipated.

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