Jun 032015

by Clay Herrmann

The Hot Springs Board of Directors, at their June 2, 2015 BOD Meeting, declined to revisit an issue placed on the agenda by Mayor Ruth Carney. Consideration of reversing the Board’s previous hotly disputed decision to end televising the Public Comment Opportunity following adjournment of Board of Director meetings failed at this meeting due to unwillingness of any other Director to second the Mayor’s motion.

Following the failure, Mayor Carney questioned the Directors about whether or not they had talked with other Directors about the issue prior to the meeting. Director Randy Fale protested the Mayor’s questioning of the other Directors, saying that the inquiry sounded “innocuous” but that it was offensive in that it implied wrongful conduct on the part of the Directors.

For the present the City Board’s opportunity for up to seven members of the public to speak off-the-air following adjournment of the BOD meeting remains city policy. The majority of the Directors remained present, following adjournment, long enough to hear comments from the seven individuals who had signed up to speak.

Those permitted untelevised public comments following the 6-2-15 BOD meeting are not available on the city website but are available for public viewing here:


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