Jun 302016

by Clay Herrmann


Six members of the The “Class of 2016 B” donned caps and gowns for their GED (General Educational Development) graduation on June 28, 2016 at the Garland County Detention Center.

The honored graduates were Calob Mills, Juan, Santiago, Dokotah Gautreaux, Maria Lamb, Larry Moore, and Day Watson. Eligibility for graduation required that following preparation for examination, each student had to satisfactorily pass all four components (literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies) of the GED testing battery. The assessment provides opportunity to earn an alternative high school credential, and is intended to measure “a foundational core of knowledge and skills that are essential for career and college readiness”.

Following a welcome by Chief Deputy Mark Chamberlain, the graduates and audience were addressed by William Ritter (NPC), Chief Mark Chamberlain, Sheriff Mike McCormick, and Lt. Belinda Cosgrove. Presentation of Diplomas was by William Ritter representing National Park College. Chaplain Ed Losey gave the opening invocation and closing benediction.

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