Jul 122015

by Clay Herrmann


Garland County Clerk Sarah Smith and Saline County Clerk Doug Curtis spoke to the Hot Springs Village TEA Party at their monthly Luncheon Program on July 7, 2015. Topics addressed included:

1) The varied duties of the office of County Clerk.

2) The advanced primary election calendar with a March 1, 2016 Primary Election date (with early voting starting February 15) passed as a trial by the State Legislature … subject to a renewal if the people like it well enough.

3) New voting machines and related issues.

4) Voter registration issues.

5) How the County Clerks are dealing with the Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage. Sarah Smith reported that eight (8) marriage licences for same-sex couples had been issued so far in Garland County. Doug Curtis said that Saline County’s number was ten (10). Saline County Circuit Clerk Myka Sample (who was in attendance at the luncheon program) added that the Saline County Clerk’s Office has had it’s first filing for a same-sex divorce.

Both County Clerks participated in a lengthy Q&A with an appreciative audience following their very informative presentations.


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