Aug 282015

by Clay Herrmann

Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson appeared with potential First Lady Candy Carson at the Arkansas Capitol in Little Rock on August 27, 2015.

Despite the difficulty in finding available unreserved parking around or near the State Capital, a large and diverse crowd nevertheless somehow managed to gather for Dr. Carson’s appearance. A foursome of female Gospel singers kicked-off the political rally with several minutes of songs praising Jesus; an entrée that may have seemed a little unusual to many, even in the Bible Belt, as an introduction to a world-renowned neurosurgeon seeking the Presidency of the United States of America. Nevertheless, the music was congruent with the intellectually astute and well-read doctor’ s unapologetic Christian faith, whose unhurried and soft-spoken manner is as unusual for a politician as is his resumé.

Arkansas Republican Party Chairman, Doyle Webb, introduced Dr. Carson. Following his enumeration of several of Dr. Carson’s impressive credentials and accomplishments, he welcomed the candidate to the microphone with the rousing pronouncement that “… he’s got a prescription for what ails America”.

As his surprisingly successful Presidential campaign (currently polling in second place behind Donald Trump) has advanced, Dr.Carson has been willing to hear and answer questions from a broad spectrum of individuals, pundits, and journalists on the left, right, and in-between. Not tending to the common politician’s technique of answering in vague generalities or of ignoring the question asked to instead make a speech about a predesigned talking-point, he has frustrated detractors by calmly expressing well-reasoned and specific views on the issues under discussion in America.

Numerous Garland County residents were in attendance. You may find images of several in the photos below, and more in a larger photo album ( posted on the Garland County Info Facebook Group Page (


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