Oct 162016

2014 Green Party Arkansas Gubernatorial Candidate and local attorney, Joshua Drake, responded to a Facebook post of a 60 second radio ad by Independent Conservative Garland County Judge Candidate, Clay Herrmann. After hearing the ad he commented under the Facebook post: “While we might need a change it should not be just any extremist we replace him with.”

I answered: “Joshua Drake, just any extremist? There are only two candidates in this race. Are you referring to someone in particular? If so, what exactly do you mean by that disparaging remark?”


And he wrote: “I mean you make many good points about transparency and accountability in county government then go off the deep end with some silly ad that claims it will be crime to sell property without the county Judge’s blessing unless you are elected.”

And finally I replied: ” Joshua Drake, send me your email and I will send you the actual proposed ordinances and call your attention to the precise language that conforms to what I have stated … and then I will await your apology. Email me at ceh@july4.org.”

Drake did promptly send an email address. So, after taking time to carefully read the language in the actual ordinance proposals that the “extremest” incumbent judge has made repeated efforts to get passed by the county legislature (Quorum Court), and after reviewing the other related info provided, does Joshua Drake now endorse Clay Herrmann for Garland County Judge?

If either the “long” or “short” versions of the “Subdivision and Development” ordinance were passed as written, the language in the proposed ordinances plainly state that IT WOULD IN FACT BE a punishable crime to deed a portion of a land parcel without the county judge’s permission. Saying so is not exaggerating or lying. Accomplishing a checklist of numerous other burdensome, costly, and time-consuming requirements are prescribed to precede obtaining written permission from the judge to execute a deed. See below.  The county judge, by the way, is also President of the county legislature with no vote but with veto authority. He (or someone working directly for him) prepares the agendas and info packages for the monthly Quorum Court meetings, and most of what the QC deals with are agenda items (including ordinances) of his choosing and design.




(The above excerpts are from The “Short Version” ordinance proposed by Rick Davis. The “Long Version” previously proposed by incumbent County Judge, is even more restrictive of the property rights of Garland County citizen property owners.)

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