Jul 012016
Letter To Editor
(and notice to Garland County Judge Rick Davis, Garland County Republican Party, & Garland County Election Commission)
Subject: Conditional Offer To Withdraw From Garland County Judge Race
Date: 6/30/2016
Garland County Judge Rick Davis and the Garland County Republican Committee and Party can be spared the expenditure of thousands of dollars, as well as lots of time and effort by volunteers working for Judge Davis that could be better put to other use in advance of the November 8th General Election.
If Judge Davis will successfully support passage and implementation of the currently tabled “Information Version” of Subdivision & Planning Ordinance that I invested many hours of work on last year, accomplishing passage of it before the August drawing for ballot position, then I will withdraw from the County Judge race.
  • The ordinance takes the path of serving citizens with INFORMATION rather than the path of more government REGULATION, county zoning, creation of a county planning commission requiring more employees for enforcement of more rules & restrictions … not the path of bigger government necessitating more taxes and fees. (INFORMATION vs REGULATION)
  • The ordinance requires the GC Judge’s office to share road maintenance and other important real estate related information on it’s website and by brochure.
  • The ordinance would be innocuous toward the citizens of Garland County as it would not burden Garland County property owners with any new regulations.
  • The ordinance contains specific language to protect against the possibility of future violations of citizen property rights by action of the Quorum Court.
  • No new taxes or fees are prescribed.
Last July I had requested and been scheduled to present a Subdivision and Planning Ordinance proposal as alternative to the two other versions previously submitted to the Public Health, Welfare, and Safety Committee of the Garland County Quorum Court by Judge Davis. Though I was allowed to make a presentation to the committee, the committee first voted to table consideration of the proposed ordinance before even hearing it. The vote to table in advance was called for by Justice Matt McKee (who also currently serves as Chairman of the Garland County Republican Party).

If I understand the process correctly, there would need to be a motion by a committee member to bring the previously tabled proposed ordinance up for consideration, a majority of the committee would need to vote to give it a “DO PASS” recommendation, and when the full QC next met, a majority of the Justices could pass it … and the provisions would become law and could be promptly implemented!

If Judge Davis is willing to take a good look at the proposed ordinance, it should not be a problem for him to decide that he can in good conscience endorse it to the QC, and if passed, something significant and worthwhile for the benefit of Garland County property owners would be done. It would be far from accomplishing EVERYTHING  that I care about regarding county government, but it would be SOMETHING.

Links to the complete proposed 10 Page “Information Version” Subdivision & Planning Ordinance and related information below:
This conditional limited-time offer to withdraw from the County Judge race expires in August at the drawing for ballot-position at Garland County Election Commission headquarters. Sincerely,
Independent Conservative Candidate for Garland County Judge
phone/text 501.620.3176

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