Dec 042015

by Clay Herrmann

We all belong to the government you will be assimilated resistance is futile

(image from

Former Garland County Judge and current Hot Springs District 4 City Director Larry Williams spoke out passionately in support of the annexation measure under consideration on December 1, 2015.

(Above video of Director Willams is only 3 minutes 11 seconds. Full video below is 1:51:03.)

Mayor Ruth Carney abstained from the BOD vote to annex, which was otherwise unanimous. Following Director William’ remarks, and immediately prior to the vote, she expressed support for annexation of the lands described by city officials as “Enclave A” or “Area A”. The Mayor, however, voiced opposition to the Board of Directors making that decision, rather than putting the question to a vote of “the people”.

(video from City of Hot Springs)


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