May 172015

by Clay Herrmann


Pastor Mark D. Cain, Hot Springs Village Bible Church, made a serious factual error in introductory remarks to his address to the congregation this morning (Sunday, 5-17-15). He said that “the Bible, by any standard, is a big daunting book”.

NOT TRUE. 😀  Compared to the U.S. Tax Code the Bible is easy! Millions of people have read the entire Bible and understood much of it. In contrast it is doubtful that anyone at all has read the entire tax code.

And consider President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act. I think I saw a woman on a TV news show who claimed she had read the whole thing ,.. a daunting mind-numbing accomplishment if true, but a horrible read full of contradictions and incomprehensible legalese gobbledygook.

So is the Bible a big daunting book by any standard? Compared to either the Federal Tax Code (impossibly too large already … but Congress keeps adding to it anyway) or compared to Obamacare, the Bible is short and easy to understand.


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