Jan 182017

 – Notice submitted by Tom Wilkins – Five Star Dinner Theatre

The 2017 Patriot Awards Banquet featuring guest speaker Hettie Lou Brooks will be held at the Five Star Dinner Theatre on Thursday, January 26 at 6pm.  This second annual event features speeches, professional entertainment, great food and honoring great civic leaders that have touched us all this past year. Scheduled to appear also will be Second Amendment Patriot Jan Morgan to support this cause.

All tickets are $50 each with the proceeds going to go to the Garland County Tea Party to support various causes each year in the community. Reservations can be made by contacting us at 501-318-1600 this week. You may also contact Tom Wilkins at Banjostrings@gmail.com.  You do not have to pay when you reserve your seats.  You can pay at the door. 
Our famous All You Can Eat Dinner is at 6pm and the program starts at 7pm. Winners of last years categories are not eligible in the same category this year. However they can be nominated in another category.  Last year’s winners of each category are asked to present this year’s winners on stage.
This is a fun and professionally done event.  We hope to see you there.

ATTENTION ATTENTION!!  Here are the nomination instructions.  All we need is the answers sent by email to Tom Wilkins. Today is the deadline.  Send to Banjostrings@gmail.com


To Nominate a Person or Organization/Business for the Second Annual Garland County Tea Party 2017 Patriot Awards Banquet, merely choose your category(s) and send to Banjostrings@gmail.com. You will need to put the name of the nominee and why you think they should be nominated. We will also need to have an email address of the person or organization being nominated so we can contact them.

Here is what it should look like (You don’t have to nominate in every category, and you can nominate in all categories. Last year’s winners cannot be nominated in same category as last year):

Category (Example Only) – The XYZ Award

  1. Person or group being nominated for this award and why
  2. Contact information – email address of person or group being nominated
  3. Your email address (Nominator)

Nomination deadline is Wednesday, January 18th. The categories are as follows:

  • Patriot Man of the Year
  • Patriot Woman of the Year
  • Patriot Organization of the Year
  • Patriot Business of the Year
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Patrick Henry Award – this Award is designed to provide recognition to local officials and civic leaders, who in a position of great responsibility distinguish themselves with outstanding and exceptional service to our town.
  • Bulldog Award – Awarded to an individual who doesn’t follow politically normal means to solve a problem in our community or is basically a “Bulldog” to see that integrity and transparency reign.
  • Media Award – An organization or individual that consistently promotes the Garland County Tea Party Patriot News throughout the year with media support.

Send this information to Banjostrings@gmail.com. Anyone who won an award last year cannot be nominated in the same category.

Again, nomination deadline is today, Wednesday January 18th.


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