Oct 202015

by Clay Herrmann

Bill Hennessy addresses the Arkansas TEA Party Alliance (ATPA) Convention attendees in Little Rock on October 17, 2015.

Bill is author of “The Conservative Manifesto (1993) and co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party, “one of the most effective local Tea Party groups in the country”. Past TV show guest appearances include Glenn Beck (Fox News), Your World with Neil Cavuto (Fox Business), and The Daily Show with John Stewart.

Randy Alexander moderates a discussion of the recent Arkansas Legislative Session, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”, by three currently serving lady legislators at the 2015 Arkansas TEA Party Convention in Little Rock. Participating in the discussion are Representative Michelle Gray, Representative Charlotte Vining Douglas, and Senator Linda Collins-Smith.

Previous Gubernatorial Candidate Curtis Coleman (currently producing AR1.TV) Introduces Pastor Iverson Jackson at the October 17, 2015 Arkansas TEA Party Alliance (ATPA) Convention at the Doubletree Hotel in Little Rock.  Jackson is Senior Pastor of Zoe Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. He served in the United States Army Reserve from December 16, 1983 to December 16, 2008 retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Among other topics, Pastor Jackson tells about learning how to gender ID a puppy when he was just a young boy. With that knowledge he was able to choose a puppy for a pet. He named him “Skipper”.

One of the afternoon break-out session options was a debate moderated by ATPA Spokesperson David Crow.

Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides for two (2) distinct methods to make amendments to the Constitution. One process is initiated by the U.S. Congress and the other initiated by the State Legislatures. Though the state initiated option has been attempted many times since creation of the Constitution, it has never yet been successful in amending it.

Many advocates of current efforts for a Convention of States feel the time is very ripe to do so, that the U.S. Congress has demonstrated for decades that they never will fix what ought to be fixed, and that failure to exercise that option may mean that our Constitutional Republic is doomed.

Some opponents argue that there would be a risk, or even a likelihood, of a runaway Convention that could be hijacked by Socialist Progressive Marxist Liberal Progressives who would seize upon the opportunity to push amendments that would modify the U.S. Constitution to conform to their ideologies. They maintain that there are other means available to satisfactorily address concerns.

Listen to the debate and decide for yourself.

The question debated:

“Is it time for an Article V Amending Convention?”

Speaking “FOR” is Mark Alspaugh on behalf of the Convention of States Project. Speaking “AGAINST” is Mark Moore for Eagle Forum.

Garland County TEA Party Chairman, Dr. Jack Sternberg, introduces his friend, Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Speaking to the Arkansas TEA Party Alliance 2015 Convention audience, the Governor’s remarks include the following “… And then I came back to Arkansas, and I ran in 2006 for the same conservative values that you stand for … that I fought for … and guess what? I did not prevail. But then I ran again in 2014 and I had an opportunity to campaign with you. I had some of your support. I didn’t have all of your support. And that’s OK … because I value you. You have a good message. It’s a message that needs to be heard.”

Following his speech, the governor presents Pastor Rafael Cruz and Bill Hennessy with “Arkansas Traveler Certificates”.

Marcela White tells about her experience living under the rule of “socialist” tyranny in Romania for the first twenty years of her life, crediting President Ronald Reagan for the collapse of the Soviet Union as a prelude to her introduction of Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Pastor Cruz delivers a passionate message of hope for America to the Arkansas TEA Party Alliance convention attendees.

Keynote Speaker Bill Whittle addresses a receptive Arkansas audience at the 2015 ATPA Convention:
Liberty – Does It Matter? 

Writer, film director, and TV editor Bill Whittle has hosted Afterburner, National Security Review, and Middle East Update. One Afterburner segment on the Occupy Wall Street movement (“Three and a Half Days“) has generated more than two and a half million views on YouTube, to date. For the past few years Bill has been sought after as a featured speaker at large Tea Party rallies, as a guest lecturer at several universities, and he continues to be widely in demand at conservative events all across the America.

A 200 picture Facebook photo album of the 2015 ATPA Convention is available here.


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