Oct 162016

2014 Green Party Arkansas Gubernatorial Candidate and local attorney, Joshua Drake, responded to a Facebook post of a 60 second radio ad by Independent Conservative Garland County Judge Candidate, Clay Herrmann. After hearing the ad he commented under the Facebook post: “While we might need a change it should not be just any extremist we replace him with.”

I answered: “Joshua Drake, just any extremist? There are only two candidates in this race. Are you referring to someone in particular? If so, what exactly do you mean by that disparaging remark?”


And he wrote: “I mean you make many good points about transparency and accountability in county government then go off the deep end with some silly ad that claims it will be crime to sell property without the county Judge’s blessing unless you are elected.”

And finally I replied: ” Joshua Drake, send me your email and I will send you the actual proposed ordinances and call your attention to the precise language that conforms to what I have stated … and then I will await your apology. Email me at ceh@july4.org.”

Drake did promptly send an email address. So, after taking time to carefully read the language in the actual ordinance proposals that the “extremest” incumbent judge has made repeated efforts to get passed by the county legislature (Quorum Court), and after reviewing the other related info provided, does Joshua Drake now endorse Clay Herrmann for Garland County Judge?

If either the “long” or “short” versions of the “Subdivision and Development” ordinance were passed as written, the language in the proposed ordinances plainly state that IT WOULD IN FACT BE a punishable crime to deed a portion of a land parcel without the county judge’s permission. Saying so is not exaggerating or lying. Accomplishing a checklist of numerous other burdensome, costly, and time-consuming requirements are prescribed to precede obtaining written permission from the judge to execute a deed. See below.  The county judge, by the way, is also President of the county legislature with no vote but with veto authority. He (or someone working directly for him) prepares the agendas and info packages for the monthly Quorum Court meetings, and most of what the QC deals with are agenda items (including ordinances) of his choosing and design.




(The above excerpts are from The “Short Version” ordinance proposed by Rick Davis. The “Long Version” previously proposed by incumbent County Judge, is even more restrictive of the property rights of Garland County citizen property owners.)

Other articles related to the County Judge race include:

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Oct 102016

Incumbent Garland County Judge, Rick Davis, and Independent Conservative County Judge Candidate, Clay Herrmann, both spoke at a candidate forum hosted by the Hot Springs LGBT Alliance on October 9, 2016. The invitation to participate in the forum was extended to all local candidates in contested races, and was moderated by former Garland County Election […]

Oct 022016
County Officials Urged to Circle the Wagons

by Clay Herrmann In an email sent on behalf of the county judge’s legal counsel, county officials are urged to circle the wagons in order to deny interested citizens or the press information regarding investigation of financial matters in the County Judge’s Office. Concurrent investigations have been initiated by the Office of Legislative Audit, Prosecuting Attorney […]

Oct 012016
So Others May Live

by Clay Herrmann 1962 Air Force Academy graduate and CH-3C “Jolly Green” pilot, Captain Jerry Singleton, had only been in Southeast Asia a month when his search, rescue, and recovery craft was shot down in North Vietnam. He had been assigned to the 38th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron based at Udorn Royal Thai AFB, and […]

Sep 082016
Doyle Webb at HSV TEA Party

Arkansas Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb was featured speaker for the monthly luncheon program of Hot Springs Village TEA Party at Charlie’s Pizza Pub on September 6, 2016. He was asked to talk to the audience about issues that currently especially concern him as Arkansas’ Republican Party Chairman, and afterward to take questions from the […]

Sep 032016
County Judge Challenger Offers Reward

The reward has not been claimed yet! Come on people! How hard could it be? There is a long line of Garland County Judges previous to the incumbent to reference. They were ALL Democrats, ALL members of the major political party generally most associated with growing the size of government, increasing taxes and fees, and […]

Complaint Filed with AG

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Jul 132016

In the place on the online Arkansas Attorney General Attorney Consumer Complaint Form that asks a complainant to “Please explain the circumstances surrounding your complaint”, the following was entered: Arkansas FOIA Violations INFORMATION vs REGULATION Presentation to QC Committee (YouTube video) https://youtu.be/a-cLA7vT9Xs Complainant was told to take down www.garlandcounty.info website. 0:34 – 4:59 (https://youtu.be/a-cLA7vT9Xs) In […]

Conditional Offer

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Jul 012016

Letter To Editor (and notice to Garland County Judge Rick Davis, Garland County Republican Party, & Garland County Election Commission) Subject: Conditional Offer To Withdraw From Garland County Judge Race Date: 6/30/2016 Garland County Judge Rick Davis and the Garland County Republican Committee and Party can be spared the expenditure of thousands of dollars, as well as […]

GED Graduation at GC Detention Center

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Jun 302016
GED Graduation at GC Detention Center

by Clay Herrmann Six members of the The “Class of 2016 B” donned caps and gowns for their GED (General Educational Development) graduation on June 28, 2016 at the Garland County Detention Center. The honored graduates were Calob Mills, Juan, Santiago, Dokotah Gautreaux, Maria Lamb, Larry Moore, and Day Watson. Eligibility for graduation required that […]

Military Veterans in GC Detention Center

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Jun 242016
Military Veterans in GC Detention Center

An interview with military veterans in the Garland County Detention Center was accommodated by Sheriff Mike McCormick on June 23, 2016. Jock McGregor and Jerry Neal of Hot Springs Daily (www.hotspringsdaily.com) sat down with some of the resident military veterans and discussed the facilities pioneering programs with some of the prior-military service personnel currently confined […]

Term Limits, Constables, & Loco Bonita Ranch

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May 042016

Tim Jacob  – 2016 Term Limits Petition “The way they gain real power is by attaching themselves to long-term incumbents …” (Tim Jacob speaking of lobbyists and bureaucratic organizations) Tim Jacob addressed the Hot Springs Village TEA Party on May 3, 2016 regarding the current term limit petition applicable to Arkansas legislators. If successful the measure will […]

HSV Town Hall – U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

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Apr 022016
HSV Town Hall - U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

U.S. Senator Tom Cotton appeared before a receptive audience at a Town Hall Meeting at the Coronado Community Center in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas on April 1, 2016. Senator Cotton spoke at some length about the “threat of Islamic terrorism” and the threat of the “Islamic State”, before addressing a number of other subjects. The […]

Meet Your Election Commission Chairman!

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Mar 172016
Meet Your Election Commission Chairman!

Hot Springs Daily did a video interview with Garland County Election Commission Chairman, Gene Haley, on March 16, 2016. Chairman Haley addressed a number of topics including: An after the Primary Election report. The deadline and the process for an independent or 3rd party candidate to get on the Arkansas ballot for the November 8th […]

Garland County Quorum Court Approves June Special Election

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Mar 152016
Garland County Quorum Court Approves June Special Election

by Clay Herrmann In an 11 to 2 vote at the March 14, 2016 meeting of the Garland County legislature, the Quorum Court approved presiding County Judge Rick Davis’ call for a Special Election to be held on June 28, 2016 for a 0.625% county sales tax, to pay off bonds to be issued “in […]

5/8% Sales Tax for MLK Bypass – Committee Hearing & Vote

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Mar 032016
5/8% Sales Tax for MLK Bypass - Committee Hearing & Vote

by Clay Herrmann The Public Health, Welfare & Safety Committee of the Garland County Quorum Court met on February 29, 2016. The major issue under consideration was County Judge Rick Davis’ proposal for another “temporary” 5/8% sales tax, this time to raise approximately fifty million dollars. Approximately thirty million would be for cost-sharing with the […]

Feb 262016
Imaginary Interview with Sheriff McCormick

by Clay Herrmann Why an imaginary rather than a real interview? In this case it is primarily because I thought an imaginary interview would be much more fun. Hopefully Sheriff McCormick will have a good sense of humor about this, and think so too. With just a few days remaining before the March 1st Primary, […]